News: Just 9% of small businesses are using this highly effective advertising channel


[towards the end of this article I explain what this means for real estate agents, dentists & restaurant owners]

The news summary:

Entrepreneur recently found that just 9% of small business owners are using YouTubeadvertising to promote their business.

With YouTube now accounting for 37% of all mobile internet traffic, this number is extremely low considering how powerful YouTube can be for building brands and reaching business goals.

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Why you should care about this for your business:

Popular entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is always talking about “underpriced” attention and this is a clear case of that.

When a new advertising medium starts working, of course everyone jumps into the game and puts their dollars behind it. This new wave of people over time causes the advertising price to go up as it works for even more people. It happened with television ads, Newspaper ads & more recently Facebook & Google ads.

Underpriced attention is valuable but will inevitably fade over time.

So what does this mean for…

  • Dentists – You’ve heard of PPC advertising (Google search ads), but are you using YouTube ads? Many dentists work with companies who manage these services for them so dentists should inquire with their provider.
  • Real Estate Agents – This can be an easy way to show your personality to people who live within your target area. Since most people might not be looking for a new agent on YouTube, you should introduce yourself to people through fun & useful videos like neighborhood tours
  • Restaurant Owners – All of your menu items can take on a life of their own. Making short videos that reach people consistently can help to pique people’s interest over time so that they feel the need to come in and try your restaurant. Just remember, targeting your advertising is key.

Ok, here’s the full scoop:

In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg announced the rollout of Facebook advertising. At the time, there is no way that anyone could have predicted what Facebook advertising would turn into today.

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Over the years, Facebook advertising has become extremely popular and the end all be all for online advertising for many. I’m sure you’ve read or heard about many success stories around people using Facebook advertising to give their brand or business a much-needed boost.

However, like many things that become popular and standardized, many people do not look to other options when trying to create their advertising plan.

Last week, I read an article titled “It’s Not Too Late to Be an Early Adopter of YouTube Ads” on Entrepreneur. This article mentioned that just 9% of small businesses are leveraging YouTube advertising, hence the title of the piece. This is sad because YouTube is full of highly engaged people who are looking at very specific pieces of content.

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I personally am a huge believer in YouTube advertising due to its targeting capabilities, but the Entrepreneur article mentioned many more positive implications like the ability to pay for the actual result you want (which are conversions) instead of (inflated) views and highly engaged viewers. Let’s also keep in mind that YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine after it’s owner, Google.

Have you considered using YouTube advertising to promote your business or brand?

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