My background in marketing, branding & video

My marketing story starts back in 2011 

My brother Ismail had the Idea to start a website called Daily Fresh Clothing where we mixed content along with selling clothing.  Although it doesn’t sound like a huge deal today, at the time, it wasn’t something that was very common. 

We ran Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, and even racked up thousands of visitors. Unfortunately, a few roadblocks came up and we had to stop, but the experience opened my eyes to what digital marketing could do. 

In 2013, I went from college to the “big leagues” 

In 2013, during my final semester of college, I did 2 internships in different states. 

One was at MRY, a large agency in Manhattan, and the other was at RDW group, a small agency in my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. 

After graduating, I quickly moved to Brooklyn, New York and have been here since. My first job was a community manager at a small agency called Carrot Creative, which was later bought by Vice and the name was changed to Virtue Worldwide. during that time, I had the pleasure of managing communities for brands like Rolex & Wilson Sports  

The exposure was awesome, but now it was time to learn what the marketing world was all about…

After spending time as a freelance community manager at Carrot Creative, I became a social media manager at The One Club, a prestigious advertising awards show.

I helped to design, run Facebook ads, create a strategy for our Facebook page and more. After freelancing at The One Club, my big advertising agency experience kicked off. 

Oh, did I mention that the award show was awesome? 

I started working for Ogilvy & Mather as a junior social media analyst, doing work for big brands like IBM, American Express, Merck & Nestle to name just a few brands. 

Working in the big agency space as an analyst was fun, but a close friend of mine helped me see that I was interested in strategy

After leaving Ogilvy, I had the opportunity to start doing marketing strategy at an agency called Havas Worldwide. This experience marked the beginning of my strategy career, and I got to work on many brands under the IBM umbrella. 

During this time is when I also created a food blog called “Beyond The Eats”. The name has been hijacked since, but when I came up with it, I had a mission to “share stories and experiences through food”. In the early days it was just for fun, but that experience is where my video journey began. 

On the day I was supposed to shoot my first episode of Beyond The Eats, the videographer cancelled on me on the morning of. I hated the feeling of cancelling, saved up some money and bought some entry-level camera equipment. I guess I can thank him for cancelling, because I love creating videos and haven’t stopped since.  

After learning how to do marketing/brand strategy and create videos, I never looked back.

After Havas, I worked at agencies like Young & Rubicam, 21 Grams, & Wunderman Thompson Health. Mostly in a freelance capacity, but throughout this time I got to do a mix of brand, social media & digital strategy for telecommunications and healthcare brands. 

Today I work with awesome entrepreneurs & business owners and help them with marketing, branding and specialize in video marketing as a freelance consultant. If you’d like to learn more about how I might be able to help you, click here to see the services I offer. 

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