How Video Marketing Can Give Health & Wellness Businesses A Boost

video marketing for health & wellness businesses

“What I do is way too personal, I don’t think video marketing is right for my business.”

Many health & wellness business owners/operators make the crucial mistake of thinking that video content can not help their business grow.

Whether you’re a nutritionist, yoga instructor or physical trainer, there is value in using video content to promote your products & services due to one simple truth.

Decisions that have to do with your physical/mental health are often personal.

You know the feeling of wanting to find a health professional, but wanting to keep the whole experience private for many (good) reasons. You might even search online, WebMD until you panic, or search for people who have had similar problems in different online spaces.

This entire experience gives you as a health professional a chance.

For many of the people who are considering working with you, it’s likely that they are interacting with you in different ways before you know it.

Whether they are looking for more information about you on your website or checking your Instagram to see your most recent posts, it is natural for people to try and learn more about you before trusting you with whatever situation they’re dealing with.

Besides that fact, we also know how easy it can be for someone to open Google, find your competition and book an appointment in minutes, if not seconds.

People have the ability to easily find someone else who does what you do

When people need a coach they’ll either ask friends or search Google for people in their area. I have yet to meet a person who asks for referrals from random people, but I’ll be patiently waiting.

For now, what we know is that when people need a dentist, many open up ZocDoc and simply assess who accepts their insurance and has some good reviews.

In other cases, people choose their healthcare providers through a standardized search or market place. This informal process of searching for and evaluating people based on static profiles is impersonal, to say the least.

However, there are some health & wellness service providers who are breaking through. The ones who are considering their audience’s problems and meeting them there, helping them to feel more at ease.

What most health professionals don’t realize is that people are yearning to get that information in private, but you must be the one that opens the door to that conversation.

Let’s not forget, video is arguably the most widely used and loved content format on the internet, making it the perfect medium to express your views on relevant topics.

This is where video content can help

Although there is no substitute for face to face interaction, video is the closest thing to it.

There is no better way to help people “meet” you as they’re making decisions about who will help them best along their health journey.

Here are just a few things that you can use video for in your health & wellness-based business.

  • Convey your personality: Are you light-hearted? Fun? Do you want to make it clear that everyone who works with you is treated in a specific way? Conveying your personality through your online channels is arguably a necessity in 2019 & beyond.
  • Explain how your experience has made people feel: As I mentioned before, people are likely going through a range of emotions while working with you. What better way to make people feel at ease than to show that you’ve helped other people feel different after working with you.
  • Show the results of your program: Social proof is powerful. Have you helped past clients with the same issue? Do you have proof? Video testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools today because we can sometimes resonate with the same exact problem that the people in the testimonial faced, bringing us closer to the real issue

Have you thought about using video content to separate your health & wellness related business from the rest?

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