farouk ajakaiye

Who is "rouk" anyway?

My name is Farouk, but most of my friends call me “rouk” for short (and if you’re wondering, it rhymes with Luke).

My journey has blessed me with various marketing and branding experiences.

With more than 10 years in marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious advertising agencies and high-profile clients like Rolex, American Express, and IBM. I’ve also spent 8 years shooting and editing videos.

Creativity has been the driving force behind my work. Since I taught myself Adobe Photoshop at 15, my passion for creating hasn’t waned. Whether it’s graphic design, photography, writing, or video production, I’m all about bringing ideas to life.

I’m excited to write my newsletter, “Hey, it’s ‘rouk,” and continue to shoot and edit videos for amazing businesses. And when work’s done? You’ll find me mixing up a Negroni and enjoying the summer vibes!