1 Thing Your Video Marketing Is Missing That Nike’s Is Not

Video marketing

Video is SO much more about emotion than about trying to get your personal message across.

Connecting with emotions is what will make people want to work with your brand, buy your products & do business with you in general.


As someone who’s been creating videos for about the past four years, What I’ve learned is that what really resonates with people, what really gets people’s attention, In comparison to anything else that I post is when I focus on the emotions that need to be conveyed.

When I really get close to the person’s face to show emotion, get close to the product, really show what is going on and how people feel about something in the moment, so it can translate to business.

Over time, focusing in on seemingly small things like this begin to form a connection…

How people begin to feel a connection with a business

People connect with you, who you are and what you do.

For example, let’s say you’re the owner of a pizza restaurant…

giphy 2

People might want to know why you started because it’s most likely a reason that isn’t simple and almost forces you to share a part of yourself. Did you start because of an old tradition from Italy? Is it a family business, so on and so forth?

For another example, let’s say you’re trying to sell a product through an e-commerce shop.

People want to know why you made the product & why it’s important to you because these things set you apart from the dollar store up the street that is selling the same thing. Notice that your why is important here because it’s really close to your emotions and really close to how you genuinely feel about different things.

But make no mistake, inspiring and sharing your why doesn’t always have to be your go-to move when it comes to video…

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making that emotional connection doesn’t always have to have a sad or inspiring feeling.

Sometimes making that emotional connection with people takes making people hungry or making them happy.

We have a whole range of emotions as humans, and we can use those emotions to engage people and attract them to us/our business.

In the case of the restaurant, you can use the right combination of shots to show how the pizza is made and how delicious the whole process seems. Even small things like the pull of cheese help to spark something in our brains that reminds us of that delicious feeling.

giphy 3

Although invoking the emotion of hunger can work, most cases do focus on either inspiring people or making them resonate with a person’s story. In fact, there’s one specific brand that we have seen do this countless times…

Nike is a great example

Let’s look at Nike as an example.

Nike, If you think about all of their commercials, and what you like about them and what you don’t, what you will probably notice is that you can connect with them, they make you feel some kind of way.

giphy downsized

It would be unusual for you to watch a Nike commercial and immediately get up to turn it off.

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